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About us

Erodetoday.com, the Service

Erodetoday.com is a global, interactive and internet platform for connecting erode worldwide and serves them through a portfolio of industry-leading services including Classifieds, Yellow Pages Business Search, Events and Social Media reviews and participation. Today, Erodetoday serves an exponentially growing online and mobile member base of 6.2 million in over 50 cities in India, US and elsewhere as the:

    * Most popular online/mobile provider of YP business search results to users and business leads to small to medium business advertisers and merchants
    * Most popular online/mobile provider of classifieds in the broadest range of categories
    * Most popular social media site offering largest events/opinions/reviews in targeted domains

Erodetoday.com’s assets include:

    * The largest listing of general Classifieds
    * The most comprehensive and accurate Yellow Pages business listings in India
    * The largest number of Small to Medium Business advertisers in the online/mobile space
    * The largest base of member-generated content amongst Indian sites that spurs local commerce
    * A sophisticated and scalable mobile/online platform that serves millions of users on a daily basis

More Indians use Erodetoday.com than any other source – online or offline – to find local businesses and interact and transact with each other for the broadest range of needs all across India, US and elsewhere.

Erodetoday derives its revenues in India through a ‘performance guaranteed’ response model through which we have served a customer base of nearly 20,000 SMB customers and hundreds of major brands. Erodetoday has married world class technology with effective business and monetization processes to achieve accelerating growth of both revenue and usage.

Erodetoday.com continues to rapidly expand its user and customer base both through its own sales force and through a growing network of prominent alliances with major mobile and online partners such as Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel, Spice, Sify and others….making the use of Classifieds and Local Search easy and ubiquitous.

Our target user audience is over 300 million strong and the target SMB customer base is more than 4 million.