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Are short guys Here are some tips for dressing for your

Are short guys Here are some tips for dressing for your

The designs are in the form of a stretch to stretch out in the form of designs for your height . Because it makes our eyes to see the lines and compare your height . The vertical lines that go off halfway up the last of the clothes is a great way to show your height . Design and dress up in nice clothes with a falling straight lines , you will see the height , but also stylish .

Until the completion of your system and are applied to select the right sized clothes . You should not wear tolatolavena . Each level is unique brand of clothing . Type Slim Fit sells brand clothes so selectively , seeing that it matches your body composition Buy . Perhaps , it\'s appropriate for you if you are not doing anything it ready-made brand nallotoru by Taylor Stitch , buy clothes to fit your body framework .

Many different colored clothes to avoid nerippatum your appearance . Wearing clothes with colors from the same family are cool in the eyes of the observer . All the clothes that you use the same color as possible in order to . Embrace the darker the color the better. It increased slightly to show your height .

Sports jacket or suit jacket to wear over your shoulder is heavy . While this brings with it increasing your height . Wear nirukumaru natural waist while wearing pants with stripes . If you put down to the waist rather short unkalkalkal know . They are usually shorter in men than in other parts of their hands and feet tall is small . That is why they are so short . Unke upper part of the body, so the focus should be more on the clothing worn .

Without too much, you can try to increase the height of some of the lower level. Wear shoes that are slightly taller and increase your height. Uyarttitalam small enough so that your height.

    21 Mar 2014

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