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Rajathanthiram Movie Review

Rajathanthiram Movie Review

Over the last few weeks, Rajathandhiram was making some huge noise with their innovative method of releasing teasers for every character and spilled some beans about the movie through the crisp narration. Slowly, the netizens have started to show some interest and the new age movie goers have started to lend their support for this film. Has the movie met the expectations? Does the film offer something new? Read on...


Veera, Darbuka Siva, and Ajai are room mates, who are involved in petty thieves and con people in a never seen and heard before way to lead their life in Chennai suburbs. They accidentally meet, Regina, on a share auto and fall for her graceful beauty. But in turn, Regina tries her best to rope them for her MLM business, and Veera alone falls for the delicious words of Regina.

Ajai wants to steal something real big and settle down asap, but Veera keeps saying a big NO to his plans. But destiny forces them to take a giant deal to finish off Pattiyal K.Shekar, for a good cause, and how they overcome all the odds have been told in an intriguing narration. The director brilliantly connects all the characters to the plots and subplots, and he has pressed the accelerator right from the word go.

Veera and his team successfully complete a con project but they end up losing the valuable in a jiffy. How they counter attack their three enemies, Cops, Anbazhagan, and Mani forms the rest of the story.


Veera as Arjun has delivered a fine performance by not showing loads of expressions and forced modulations. Veera’s physique, and eyes do the job, and his casual way of handling complex situations is such a treat to watch. Regina as Michelle D’Mello is again a sixer from the director. The girl, who was last seen in ‘KBKR’ deserves another round in Tamil cinema, if not for anything, at least for her lip synch and stern attitude.

Darbuka Siva throws some hilarious one liners in the proceedings and Ilavarasu as Iyer is authentic. The major highlight in the casting is, Pattiyal K. Shekar as Azhagappan. His voice and body language is something new to the Tamil audience and we will be disappointed that, if he does not sign more films in the near future.

Direction & Screenplay:

Debutante Amid is said to be carrying this movie on his shoulders for more than 3 years now and the way that he has retained the freshness in its narration deserves a special mention. There are a few scenes, which could display some traces from Soodhu Kavvum and Sathuranga Vettai, but still, the screenplay has more suprise elements to cover those glitches.

Holding back an episode and narrating them at the later part of the movie is not a new thing anymore, but the content in those episodes is the real winner here. Amid has penned a clever screenplay, which would let you think and analyze the possibilities from your seat, but in the end, it will offer a new end to outsmart your predictions.

Crew Sandeep Chowtas BGM is the lifeline of this thriller and at times it sends the spine chilling factor to the audience. Kathirs camera gels well with the script and provided right tone throughout the movie. Amid seems to have mastered the dark comedy and Darbuka Siva has delivered them with ease to spark a few laughters here and there.

What Worked:

Although, the Tamil audience has experienced some intelligent con flicks in the recent years, the treatment of Rajathandhiram is a big plus. The performance of the lead roles and the way the protagonist is clashing with the villain is definitely a new chapter in the book of the screenplay. Because, we have seen movies, where the hero will meet the villain only at the climax to deliver the knockout punch. But here, we got a hero, who explains all his plans well in advance and still manages to accomplish his mission.

What Not:

The movie was under production for a long time, hence the central theme of the movie is not a new one. There are some logical loopholes, which are covered by the cinematic liberties. Had the movie been released, on time, it would have appealed better than now.

    24 Mar 2015

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