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Vaalu Movie Review

Vaalu Movie Review

After 3 long years of hiatus, Silambarasan (Simbu) is back on the big screen as his much awaited film Vaalu has finally swooped into theatres all over the world. A long wait has elevated the movie's expectations among Simbu fans. Does Vaalu has enough in it to quench the star's thirsty fans? Read our review to know.

Simbu has played a happy-go-lucky bloke who spends most of his time with his chum, played by Santhanam. Despite sincere efforts by his parents, played by Aadukalam Naren and Sri Ranjani, to turn him into a responsible man, Simbu's attitude doesn't change. When he meets Hansika, he falls in love with her and tries to woo her with the help of his friends. In an unexpected turn of events, Simbu gets himself involved in the murky business of a ruffian, played by Adithya, and thereby earns his wrath. By the time he realizes the baddies he is up against are way more powerful than he initially thought, his love relationship with Hansika too goes wayward thereby landing him in a soup. How Simbu overcomes the difficulties involved in his personal and love life forms the crux of the story.

Simbu and Santhanam deserve a special mention as they have added so much value to a weak script. Without these two performers, who will keep you entertained throughout, Vaalu would've fallen flat. This film is a complete Simbu show and you will not complain about it. Hansika has a lot of screen space and has come up with a decent performance. Having said that, the actress' lip-sync needs a major rework. Also the fact that the film was shot 3 years ago has contributed to her bad lip-sync. The film's antagonist Aditya has delivered a powerful performance while the supporting cast have done what is required. Aadukalam Naren gets another clichéd father's role which is a disappointment.

Dialogues is something that powers this movie from the very beginning till the very end. Interesting one liners with an ability to evoke laughter acts as a huge plus and keeps you hooked. Watch out for Simbu and Santhanam's local slang. Shakthi's camera work is top-notch especially in the fight scenes. Bright colors have been used in song sequences to give the movie a rich look which contributes to the overall feel. While editor TS Suresh could've shortened the length which would've made Vaalu a lot more lively, Thaman's background score gets a touch too loud at times

    14 Aug 2015

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