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List of Cancer Hospital  in Ariyalur

Cancer is a broad group of diseases involving unregulated cell growth. It is known medically as malignant neoplasia. In cancer, cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, which may invade nearby parts of the body. There are over 200 different known cancers that affect humans. Some factors can directly damage genes or combine with existing genetic faults within cells to cause cancerous mutations.  Many cancers could be prevented by eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, eating less meat and refined carbohydrates, exercising, minimizing sunlight exposure, and being vaccinated against some infectious diseases.


The list of Cancer Hospitals given below. To view Cancer Hospitals in particular area and view the all kind of Cancer Hospitals details like Contact number, Address to see this site.

Gautam Clinic   
   Shop No-2,2nd Floor, Saluja Comlex,Near TCS Automoble, Neelam Chowk (Faridabad) - 121002
A S Nursing Home in Pattunoolkara Street   
   Pattunoolkara ST, - 621704
DR P Elangovan in X Sambasivam Pillai Street   
   X Sambasivam Pillai Street, - 621704
DR Ezhil Nilavan in X M P Kovil Street   
   X M P Kovil Street, - 621704
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