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List of Churches  in Ariyalur

A church is a building that was constructed to allow people to meet to worship together. These people are usually Christians, or influenced by Christianity. Some other religious groups also call their religious buildings churches.The churches in a particular geographical area form a group called the diocese.


Each diocese has a cathedral. the cathedral is a very big church. Cathedrals are the seat of bishops.To view the all kind information about Churchesand contact details,to vise the site given below.

C S I George Church in Ariyalur Bazar   
   Villangkara Street, Ariyalur Bazar, Ariyalur, Ariyalur - 621704 - 621704
Adaikala Madha Shrine in Elakurichi   
   Trichy, Tirumanur Via, Elakurichi, - 621715
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