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Erode Body Focus

Erode Body Focus

 Contact Numbers:  phone 0424 - 2267192 / 94    mobile 9787124727
Contact info
address icon  H-94, 5th Main Road,  Periyar Nagar,  Erode
email icon  erodebodyfocus@yahoo.co.in
Location:  Erode
Pin Code:  - 638001

Seek the Sleek in you



‘ERODE BODY FOCUS’ is a non-surgical aesthetic  Clinique, a link in the chain of 1800 Clinique’s all over the world. Established in august 1995, this Rs.20-million institute in Chennai prides itself in offering services such as:


http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Spot body fat and volume reduction

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Weight reduction
http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Body re-shaping
http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Face-lifts and breast lifting
http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Double chin elimination



Till now , such treatments using non-surgical hi-tech methods were available only in foreign Countries, affordable by only the rich and famous. ERODE BODY FOCUS now brings all these techniques to the common man in India. Within a short span, it has won the approval and satisfaction of over 5000 clients.


The  Head

        Dr, Ayaz Akber, DAC, M.D. (MA) is the Director of ERODE BODY FOCUS ably assisted by a team of specialized Doctors, Dieticians, Therapists and Aestheticians. Dr, Akber has been specially trained in the use of these cosmotological techniques in Europe and he has, in turn, trained a band of technicians here.


Bird’s Eye View of Techniques Used

        A three-pronged strategy is adopted at ERODE BODY FOUCUS

a)      Dietary counseling.

b)      Application of non-surgical non-painful pads activated  by faradic waves to reduce fat percentage.

c)       Removal of excess water from the body again through  non-surgical means.

No pain, No sweat,

No needles.

No lipo-suction.

No exercise too.


Our methods have been clinically tested and

approved by leading  surgeons and physicians.

They have been proved to cause no damage

to any of the organic functions of the body 


FAQs on Fat

A bulky purse and sagging paunch were symbols of prosperity in the bygone days, Now in this era of plastic money, a slim purse on a sleek body, cut to size wins looks of approval. Fat people are spurned socially, but  befriended easily by diseases.


Why does a person become fat?

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg More intake of food energy then is expended causes storage of energy in the form or fat deposits.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg The person loses glucose or blood sugar through urine which causes abnormal hunger and more intake of food.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Malfunctioning  of  thyroid glands that are located in the neck, just below Adam’s apple. The thyroid secretion control     body metabolism and hence any malfunction   causes obesity.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg A slowly  failing  heart also causes swelling of body, particularly legs, resulting  in weight increase.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Kidney diseases also causes bloating of body due to high fluid  retention.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Irregularity in menstrual cycles.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Post-child birth effect.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Body reaction to medicines.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Stress and mental depression.


Is there any specific age-group for obesity to occur?

 Though there is no specific age group for obesity to occur, it strikes people between the age-group of 19 and 50.


What are the symptoms of obesity?

 http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Shortness of breath         

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Tiredness

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg General wear  & tear of internal organs

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Mental depression

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Sleeplessness

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Physical   &  Mental lethargy

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Poor digestion


What is in store for fat people?

 http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Joint aches and arthritis

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Breathing trouble

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Heart diseases

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Shorter life expectancy

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Inability to conceive

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Digestive disorders

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Degenerative diseases such as blood pressure

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Cancer

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Kidney & Liver diseases

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg Sexual problems


Besides the fear of diseases, are there other reasons to avoid obesity?

      Of course, there are the other socio-economic reasons to be slim.

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg To fit into stylish clothes

http://erodetoday.com/images/ticki.jpg To be presentable to gain social acceptance


Well. I am already fat. Is there no hope for me?

Here, ERODE BODY FOCUS comes to your rescue with professionally trained therapists and sophisticated technology that is tried and tested world over. Here you can shed the extra kilos of weight and lower the fluid retention n the body. 


What about age-old remedies of dieting & exercise?.

Starvation techniques only weaken the body and make the fat person go back to the old diet with a vengeance. Further, they can only reduce the new fat production and cannot burn away the age-old deposits of fat. Exercise gives good results only after constant sweating over a long period of time.

The results are not instantaneous. (If it is discontinued, the person is sure to regain weight.)

ERODE BODY FOCUS programmers produce instant reduction, definite weight loss and shaping up of the body at the right places – all done in air – conditioned comfort.


Here is a comparitive analysis of exercise and the ERODE BODY FOCUS therapy  

Exercise     Therapy
It exerts and tires                           It does not  
Makes you sweat   

It does not as the treatment is given in AC.

Rooms  in relaxed posture. 

It strains the whole body

It concentrates only the affected local

Region and hence does not strain the

whole body.

Effects are spread         Effects are in only the affected place.
Doesn’t give instant result     

It gives instant result in terms of 

volume & weight .

Active exercise           Passive exercise  


Can the slimming action of the ERODE BODY FOCUS therapy be explained clinically?

       Obesity means an unhealthy situation due to overweight because of increase of fat tissue compared to the parameter that neuro-endocrine metabolite constitution     assigns to each person. the obese individual finds a considerable increase in fat tissue mostly situated in the subcutaneous connective tissue .


   In the above area, further to an increase of the Adipociti there is also an increase of interstitial liquid due to a modificated dynamic of hydric metabolism. The ‘transion’ delivers faradic waves on the nervous terminals of muscles. Therefore, it generates an action that goes along the whole muscular fibre. The consequence is the contractile reaction. Because of the wave form of the impulses and the special position of the stimulating plates, we generate electrical couples which become mechanical couples that give a light movement of torsion to the muscles stimulated. The combined action of the longitudinal contraction and of the movement of torsion produces a squeezing action that removes the interstitial liquids. The effect is favoured by the vaso – dilation that takes place inside the muscle and its activity. In fact the caliber modification of the little arteries causes the opening of closed capillary in relaxed condition.


The average value of 300/600 capillary per mmq of transverse section of relaxed skelton muscle becomes 3to5 times more during the activity. The interstitial liquid which returns in circulation is eliminated in natural emunctory way, confirmed by the increase of the dieresis after the treatment. Very important for slimming action is the energetic consumption during the muscular contraction. The energetic sources immediately available are made by organic derivates of phosphates (ATP + ADP: phosphor creatine + creatine). The reconstruction of these substances happens during the muscular relax during the oxidation of sugar and fat.


          Is very important to eliminate accumulates materials of which obese persons are rich. The consequence of the repetition of the contractile movement is the return of the muscles to good condition of trophism and tonicity after treatment.

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